“You’ve got to start somewhere…”

It’s no wonder nurses are some of the world’s most inspirational people: Nightingale, Barton, Mahoney, Bertschinger, Cavell to name but a few. (They are all women too, but that’s another story, or actually, not!)

Not only did they go above and beyond, but they did so in fairly precarious and often dangerous times. They broke down many barriers and changed society for the better.  There are not many professions that relate to this – I know the world is advancing at breakneck speed and we have technology that is way above what we had even ten years ago. We have software geniuses and the games industry is big business! It’s all relative, right?  

Well I don’t know about that, but what I do know is healthcare is all prevailing because it affects every one of us and if it goes wrong, the fallout is huge. Nursing is a big part of that machine. Unfortunately, if nurses continue to leave the profession and not get into the profession at the current rate, then we have a massive shortage and the consequences are awful. Yet, we (and our ancestors) have all benefited from the dedication and services founded and driven by those nurses mentioned earlier. EG: creation of the first mental health system, launching the first birth control clinic, founding a system to locate missing soldiers, setting up ‘war’ field hospitals, pursuing and implementing infection control initiatives, some of which are still used today, to name a few. 

It’s bitter pill then when we think about nurses today. As a society we really need to think hard about this and how we can address the problem.  Maybe our role is not understood? The complex nature of our practice not known about?  Lots of nurses are facing financial hardship and I just don’t understand how this is acceptable.

I know I am emotionally invested. I make no apologies.  However, I know I would much rather write this blog post than talk about the latest PlayStation game, never mind play one!  I suspect though I’m in a minority. I’ll end it there. 

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