Meet Emily Martin, 2nd year student child nurse

At a time when there is such a shortage of nurses, and with A level results posted up and down the country yesterday, I thought it apt to publish a short blog all about Emily. Emily is just about to embark on her final year and soon she will be part of the new generation of qualified nurses.

We all need to fully support each and every student and we need more people like Emily to enter the profession.  According to the Department of Health, there are plans for 10,000 additional training places for nurses, midwives and allied health professionals – some available from as early as next month.  Lets hope so and lets hope there are still people wanting to commit to three years of training to enter into healthcare…

  Emily’s story…

I’m studying at the University of Surrey and have just finished a placement in the community/general practice. Helen asked me to write a few words about my course and why I chose nursing over other degree courses.

Why nursing?

For me, nursing is all about caring. I wanted to do something relating to that – to look out for people and make them feel well and happy. I was inspired through my own experience as a teenager in hospital. The care I received was exceptional and I want other patients to receive that calibre of care. I knew instantly that I wanted to be a children’s’ nurse.

My course is 50% theory and 50% practical. Modules include anatomy and physiology, concepts of caring, research, health promotion, innovation, leadership, mental health and lots more! My degree is definitely relevant to the end goal. The fact it’s 50% practical means you get a lot of hands on experience and a great insight into the job at the end of the course.

Advice for others

Despite lots of negativity surrounding nursing at the moment, it is a really rewarding and enjoyable course. Be prepared for long shifts alongside essays and exams, but if you have good interpersonable skills, are compassionate, a good communicator and want to make a difference, then nursing is for you!  There is a huge variety of specialisms and you will be well supported along the way. Every day is different and you can make a real positive impact on patients and their families lives.

Finally, I love being a student child nurse because: I love supporting children and families during their time of need, putting a smile on their faces and making them feel better. Knowing I have been positive is really rewarding. I’ve also met some amazing people along the way and made friends for life too!

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