Meet Elizabeth Anderson, General Practice Nurse

Elizabeth’s story…


I was inspired by a children’s hospice. I had been working for a family and their two children died at a young age.  They had ill health and the family had constant struggles, but the home was always full of laughter and care.  When the children died, in the hospice, the staff there were truly inspirational: the staff, the parents and the children inspired me to become a nurse.

Like a lot of practice nurses, I’ve worked in secondary care prior to primary care. I have a lot of cardiac care experience which has helped and I now run the atrial fibrillation and blood pressure clinics alongside other general clinics and ongoing chronic disease management.

Health education

Health education is key. I use a lot of British Heart Foundation information. Patients can access websites and all information is up-to-date.

I love the variety of my work and looking after the community, especially the elderly. We are a training practice and get good feedback from students and trainee doctors which is great.

However, like a lot of nurses, I feel we need more of us. Training should be free and of course our salaries should be greater.  Nursing should be an attractive course for school students and general practice could offer work experience.

Our roles are extending and there are a lot of expectations of nurses. We are constantly striving to improve patient care, but sometimes with less resources and no pay increase.  But, the job is rewarding too.

Finally, I love being a nurse because: I am in contact with people in my local community and use all my skills to help them.  




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