Meet Bethan Kimble, Midwife

Beth’s story…

I became a midwife after the birth of two of my children. It was a bit of a ‘Eureka’ moment when I knew I wanted to be a midwife!

I work as a ‘Bank’ midwife at the West Middlesex Hospital and at the Bournemouth Birth Centre. My main responsibilities are: antenatal care ‘check ups’ in pregnancy, labour support and postnatal care for mum, dad and baby. However, a large part of my career has been as a community midwife, looking after women in their own environment and supporting women choosing homebirths.

A great career

Midwifery is a great job! When I started my training I wanted to be able to inspire, support and be kind to women during such a life changing event. It’s an amazing privilege to be part of something (for the most part) joyous.  Helping families is so important and every day is different.

Patient advice

Helen asked what advice I can give to mums-to-be and it has to be: write everything down so you don’t forget questions at appointments and be honest with your midwife about any fears etc. – we are here to help!

App time!

Technology is advancing all the time – there are a lot of pregnancy apps available which can be useful and are endorsed by midwives, eg: Baby Buddy. Also, children’s centres are useful resources for everyone, but sadly are lot are closing due to lack of government funding.

Helping mothers

Patients are really lovely and send the most thoughtful thank you cards. I had a thank you card from one mum who said the birth I had assisted with had helped to heal the traumatic post natal depression she had suffered from her previous birth.  At West Middlesex there is an excellent perinatal mental health team as this is recognised as an area of major importance in pregnancy, birth and beyond.

Inspire others into the profession

Despite my concerns about the future of midwifery: the future of the NHS, the lack of funding and pay rises, cessation of bursaries for student nurses and midwives and the sheer amount of documentation which takes away time with patients, midwifery is an inspiring job where you are on an amazing journey in people’s lives. For anyone wanting to enter the profession, my advice would be to seek support and communicate with peers. Midwifery is an amazing career with no two experiences the same! Sharing our experiences with colleagues is how we learn and change care for the better.

Finally, I love being a midwife because: There is no greater joy than being a supporter of women and easing the transition for families into parenthood.

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