Generation N

I’m sure every single nurse out there can identify with non stop work from the minute we walk through the clinical door until our last patient goes home (and beyond). The  pressures we are facing right now are palpable and increasing. Our roles are stretching to meet increased demands and remits and our environments are so fast paced it would make the most efficient of all efficient person’s head spin!

Latest data from the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) reveals more nurses are leaving the register than are joining it which is the first time this has occurred in recent history. It’s not just over pay – heavy workloads and falling standards of care are cited as reasons too.

I don’t think there is anyone in the UK who doesn’t feel the frustration of nurses who are trying to give the upmost care to their patients but in increasingly difficult situations. I really do hope people watch programmes like Hospital because they give you a large dose of reality in terms of what happens in life – when people are hurt, injured, ill, recovering from operations, convalescing, having access to health prevention, screening, vaccinations, caring for a loved one, palliative care, end of life support, day after day after day.

The thing is, nurses are extremely well qualified, high achieving individuals who, like doctors, have to make huge decisions about people and their health all the time and it’s about time we got recognised for it.  In a world where the cost of living has risen exponentially, to receive no pay rise for yet another year, will not cut it for much longer; those who can leave the profession, probably will!

WeLoveHealth is not a political platform and I have no soapbox. Recent events only make me more determined to remain positive and to keep tapping into all the amazing stories and case studies of nurses who feel passionate about what they do and  to feed back to others to help keep us all motivated and excited about the future of the profession.  It’s still in its infancy, but I felt heartened when discussing things with lovely Emily, my student, who thought WeLoveHealth would indeed inspire her generation and those in her wake too.  The new generation of nurses are so important – they will help shape the future of nursing, healthcare provision and standards of care which will benefit all of us…

Love H



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