Hello and welcome to WeLoveHealth!

I am incredibly excited to start my very own blog! WeLoveHealth (WLH) is about sharing the amazing work we nurses do , not only among ourselves but also the wider community too, hopefully encouraging others into the profession and creating awareness of ‘what is out there’ in terms of healthcare!

WLH started as an idea about a year ago when I was chatting to some girlfriends about health issues – friends of friends who were fighting cancer to the minefield that is the menopause. I was a little taken aback at how some fantastic services and specialist care weren’t readily known about and started thinking about how to resolve this.  I knew social media could help but just didn’t know where to start! As I was pondering on this, I started a mentorship course at University and in timely fashion, the Institute of Employment Studies revealed a nursing ticking timebomb crisis! In short, there are not enough of us and in the next ten years there will be even less of us. We are heading for a massive nursing shortage (we are not in abundance as it is!) and that affects all of us: working in healthcare and receiving healthcare!

So, one year and a few months later, I saw an opportunity for WLH – to reach out to my colleagues and share the great work we do, supporting and encouraging each other via social media; to share best practice and feel connected. And on the back of this, create a mission to inspire and motivate others to consider our profession as a career.  By using the social media platform, anyone can access, follow and hear about great practice, innovative ideas, new research, milestones in treatment options – whatever it may be – which in turn helps raise understanding and awareness of  our healthcare among the wider community.

 Until recently I think most people thought the ‘community’ of old had pretty much disappeared, but the immediacy of the internet and social media connects us all and the nursing profession is not immune.   Almost every organisation is on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook , and in a weird way I think the new dawn of the digital age is bringing us back together.  And here’s the thing.  I’m all for that.  Health is all encompassing.  To be united on a local, national and global scale is what it’s all about and I hope WLH can be a part of it!

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